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Why Use Storytelling?

We tell stories to makes sense of our lives and connect to one another.  From a neurological standpoint, stories are 22 times more memorable than facts alone.  When we remember your story, we’ll remember your message.

Effective storytellers combine two overlapping abilities: building a story that fits your need, and then telling it with clarity and power.

My Approach


I coach you through the process using a variety of writing exercises.  Once we’ve captured the story, we’ll use improv and acting techniques to energize and clarify the delivery of your message.


Stories are everywhere — your past, the newspaper and the check out line in front of you.  Choosing one to best deliver your message is a challenge.  Together, we’ll mine your experiences for stories that simply and effectively connect your ideas to your audience. 


Once we uncover your story, we craft the optimal structure and enrich your tale with sensory details and other memory hooks. Then, we’ll build a clear bridge from the story to the message.  Finally, we work on delivery, presence and fine tuning your telling.

What I Offer

Private Story and Presence Coaching for presentations, TEDtalks, and keynotes.

Workshops for organizations looking to energize internal and external communication.

Custom built sessions for women facing unique communication challenges.


“Melanie is a gifted performer who has the equally enviable gift of communicating with those who have no performance skills, but could really use them. Ultimately, talking about one’s science is a performance, and Melanie was pivotal in bringing out the excitement of that task, teaching me the necessary skills, and ultimately making a performer out of me!”

Jeeshuin Lee
Professor, Rutgers University

“Her impact went far beyond this one event, though: Melanie helped me build an executive presence and elevate my broader confidence in my day-to-day work. She empowered me with actionable advice and strategies that I use regularly — from meetings with clients and interactions with my team to public speaking engagements. I highly recommend Melanie for anyone hoping to enhance their presence, elevate their confidence, or improve their leadership abilities.”

Elise Vonde Ross

“Melanie is an engaging, insightful, and encouraging coach.  She brings different perspectives and fresh ideas to every coaching session which has been very valuable to my professional development.  Most of all, Melanie truly cares about each woman’s achievement of professional and personal goals.”

Kim Withers
Counsel, Exelis/Harris

“To my horror, I was chosen to give a speech to a theater full of my colleagues. I can’t imagine doing it without Melanie’s help. She helped me focus my speech, add stories and details and allowed me to bring myself to my presentation. The talk was very successful and I walked away from that experience with boatloads of confidence. Although I’m still a bit nervous about speaking in public, I know from my work with Melanie that I can speak for myself when I need to.”

Ilana Greenberg
Creative Director, GD/USA


Melanie has been helping individuals and organizations with their presence and storytelling skills for ten years.  She’s worked with leaders at The Energy Project, Pepperidge Farm, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Indeed, Rutgers University, Baruch College, The Ford Foundation, Novartis, Verizon, Exelis, Lean In NYC, The New York Times and others.

She teaches improv and storytelling for The Next Level and for Magnet Theater’s ‘Magnet Genius Machine’ where she also performs.  Her stories have been heard on This American Life and KCRW’s ‘Unfictional’, and PRX’s ‘Criminal Podcast’, and she’s been heard on ‘The Truth Podcast’, ‘Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen’, and WGBH’s ‘The Official Downton Abbey Podcast’.  Melanie writes for  WNYC Studios’ podcast, ‘Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin’, and her regular advice column, ‘The Hypocrite’s Almanac’, appears in The Park Slope Reader.  She’s crossed the country with four solo shows on subjects as diverse as The Holocaust and the obesity epidemic.  She has a BS in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and a Master’s from NYU in Education and Performance.  She’s a Girl Scout Troop Leader.  She lives in Westchester, New York with her family.



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